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Finally, after many months of (on-and-off) work, the Q&A for Allan (From ‘Go Get a Roomie’ by Cloé C.) is complete! :’D

I must admit that I’m not entirely happy with how I’ve handled this project, so this might very well be the only time I do this. Besides, I’m having doubts if this is something that I really want to spend my time on. Anyway, I hope what I’ve made is enjoyable enough for you guys :)

Here are all the Qs and As, in case you’d want to read them:

  • Question #1:
Do you remember any dreams that stands out? (other than the one about penis-dragons) Do you have any experiences with lucid dreaming like Lillian?
Allan: Of course I’ve had other dreams! Like uh… well. Okay, so I don’t remember a lot of my dreams, and I hardly ever experience lucid dreaming like my sister. Who does? It’s her profession, and she’s an expert at it.
  • Question #2:
Got any embarrassing stories about Lillian’s sleepwalking/sleep-talking?
Allan: I’ve got embarrassing, amazing, even scary stories on Lillian’s night-life. Like that one time when she almost sleep-walked out of a boat in the middle of the lake! She gave us frights as much as laughters.
  • Question #3:
You’re always engaged in your world of music, so tell me: what kind of music do you like listening to? Is there a particular song/band/genre/style that you prefer over others?
Allan: Oh boy, music. I get all flustered just hearing the word (laughs). There’s way too many genre and bands of all sorts I like. I guess what I prefer listening to is progressive and experimental music, it gets me high without any need of drugs! 
  • Question #4:
What’s you’re favorite thing to eat and/or drink? And on that note, do you know how to cook?
Allan: Sure I know how to cook! I cook as much as Evelyne does, even more, as she likes to see me in an apron and all. (and I like to see her pleased!)  I eat and drink pretty much anything that doesn’t have to do with wasabi.
  • Question #5:
Have you ever gone out of your country? Is there any one place you’d want to visit?
Allan: I’ve been to places, but never that far from home. I want to visit Music Heaven and meet Jimmie Hendrix. 
  • Question #6:
Would you like to go into space? Or do you prefer to have your feet on mother-earth?
Allan: Haha, my sister says that space is easy to travel to when sleeping. Never tried it myself, but I do like being rooted and feeling the earth underneath. It’s reassuring.
  • Question #7:
Do you play video-games? What kind of games do you play?
Allan: Last game I played with Roomie was Dragonball Budokai. I appreciate many other games, but we mostly have one-on-one fighting games at home.
  • Question #8:
What kind of books/movies do you like to read/watch?
Allan: I don’t read that much, that’s my sister’s domain. But I do like movies. Romantic movies. And porn. Good porn.

  • Question #9:
At one point, we find out that Roomie is really good at both dancing & singing. What about you? What are you really good at?
Allan: I love making music! I play several instruments too. I should totally have Roomie listen to some of my playlists, see how she could dance to that. 
  • Question #10:
Got any interesting sex stories you’d like to share? :3
Allan: (laughs) Best question for last, eh? Well, I don’t know what I’m allowed to reveal in public, so I’ll just say one word: 

I cracked up xD Oh geezus, just the concept of it all is hilariously unique. I love it!

These answers really are Allan’s, I-as his creator- wrote them out for Taroku :) So you can learn more about the Roomie world, and specifically, Allan!