I seem to understand you're an onironaut like your Lazy Tyke... Do you have some tips to share with lucid dreamers wannabes? :)

You know, there’s a few things I should write a nice and complete “article” on so I can lead people back to them. 

The lucid dreaming is one of the most common question. Along with “are you a lesbian” question, though I’m pleasantly surprised I don’t get that as often. 

Umm where was I in this still-drunk-from-weekend mind… 

Lucid dreaming. Yes. No. Well a few pointers, but I’ll get to write a better explanation on my own dreaming experiences later. But yeah: 

-keep a journal and write whatever you remember from last night’s dreams

-brain will understand you want to remember your dreams=

-The more you remember, the more chance you have at being conscious and (if you choose to) control the dream as you’d like

-That’s what I find works anyway :) And everyone can do it!

do you think you'll ever print the Go get a roomie strips in a book? Because I'll be one of the firsts to buy it fo sho :)

I’m really grateful to hear this more and more often, but slightly disappointed to know I still have to wait a bit before we publish it into a book. But it WILL happen fo sho!