styxthemad replied to your post: le genre sexué/sexuel non plus? Je crois que j’ai vu un article sur wikipédia avec ce sujet. violà: fr[.]wikipedia[.]org/wiki/Genre_(sciences_sociales)

“Genre” does have the same use as “gender”, even though it used less often in la langue de Molière. Trust someone who studied that in a class of “communication sexuelle”. There are also many several nuances round “sex”, like être “sexuel” or “sexué”

ratherdrawn replied to your post: I feel so pretty with batman headphones.

You like showing off that mass effect case :p

I have the ME artbook and Portal guidebook both on my couch, so whenever I do a picture with my webcam, they show off.

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Why couldn’t this have come to xbox…

I’m super glad I have the PS3 to buy and play Journey so easily, but it is a shame that other platforms don’t have this unique and friggin’ magical game of wonders and amazingnesses.

this-is-eirikur replied to your post: Today I just came to realize that Doctor House …


No see, that’s the thing. I’ve never watched either of them though I’ve seen a snippet of Dr House. So I was always very confused when people said Dr Who travelled in a telephone booth. 

I was like “That’s not how I saw the series as. Huh.”

And then the whole thing of Dr Who being also an old series and then there’s the new one so I was like “maybe the new series is completely different and about real life doctors????”

So there you are. Proof of how extraordinarily dense I can be. Don’t worry, I’m proud of it.

antare replied to your post: How did your art get so popular

*goes off to cry in a corner eating his turkey leg*

Okay so love, lesbians and Jojo.

thechessboardghostslibrary replied to your post: How did your art get so popular

I thought the secret was lesbians. I mean, that’s why I’m here. Or is that what you meant?

No, you’re right. Lesbians too.

crixus-ships replied to your post: Was ist das??

Was für’n Scheiß. Seriously? But I loved the good old days of calling Magikarp Lil Fuck D:

Exactly :( 

dualpaperbags replied to your post: Was ist das??

Since everything can connect to online now they’ve put a stop to names that can be construed as rude or insulting. It’s the same for Pokemon nicknames too.

I guessed as much. Oh well, I’ll stick with “Sapphos”. Now off to flirt with Professor Jupiner.

yamino replied to your post: Today, I let myself be vulnerable.

Personally I still prefer being immortal, I’m not yet ready to give up on jumping out of helicopters and propelling myself through the air with baazooka blasts as I defeat the Dark Kingdom

Ah, those were the fun times.

eleanorea replied to your post: Today, I let myself be vulnerable.

I see you’ve had the opportunity to talk with Hudson. I actually saw you talking for a few minutes with her last saturday, but I was to shy to come closer … I know it’s silly ^^

Aww, but I would’ve loved meeting you. Next time don’t be a stranger! :)

And yes, talking with Hudson Leick was more insightful than I thought. Instead of talking with the actress who played Callisto, I found myself talking to this amazing woman who had surprising spot-on spiritual advice for me. I won’t forget our conversation (and my ego her compliments).

yamino replied to your post: is lil’tyke based off of Yamino? owo They look like eachother.


I meant lady.

Lady butt.

eleanorea replied to your post: Reminder: Xena Con at Paris!

I’ll be there on Saturday, but I’m afraid I’ll be to shy to go speak to you if I ever see you (blushes)

AWW PLEASE? I don’t usually bite.

foxymouse replied to your photoset: Photos found on my cellphone (which I rarely use)

I recognize the chimay, bread, and the blue cheese… but is the other stuff in the first picture some sort of sausage? Cause I can’t figure out what it is and it looks good.

It’s not blue cheese, rather Morbier (which is really good), and yep it’s a sausage, probably Boar sausage.