Wait a minute! You've had sex with women! 8O


What do you think about what's been happening with Laci Green and leaving tumblr, possibly youtube and all of the internet?

Oh God… it’s not just tumblr? She’s thinking about leaving all the internet? 

Fuck it… Laci Green is a wonderful being, full of love, tolerance, and most of all, will to share her loving wisdom about sex+ (which the world NEEDS). 

Seriously, watch her videos. Laugh, nod your head, learn! It’s all positive lessons full of laughter and good feelin’ in there! 

And just the other day, she posted this on Tumblr. A screencap of insults and death threats, WITH her adress AND pictures of her fucking GARDEN. 

What I think? I can’t, I can’t think anything about it, because of the sheer absurdity it all is. I’m overwhelmed with very, very sad (and worried) confusion. All my love for Laci Green, TAKE ALL OF IT, it’s unlimited anyway. God I hope she’ll be okay.