New art from Endling! I didn&#8217;t realize I missed it so&lt;3

New art from Endling! I didn’t realize I missed it so<3


I think one of the the reasons I love Go Get A Roomie! so much is because it contains representation not only for all kinds of sexual practices and preferences, but also for people with large volumes of hair.




 Forest Blending Acrylic Glass Statues

Imagine walking through a forest and seeing just a glimpse of these invisible figures! They’re the creative work of artist Rob Mulholland. It has been called the Predator effect after the 1987 film where an alien life form seamlessly blends into its background.

Mulholland told BBC Scotland that the key to the effect was creating a distorted reflection. “It alters reality, one moment you see them and the next moment they blend in. There’s an ambiguity to it - it doesn’t answer all the questions.

I’ve been here so many times, before these were there too!

they’re too cooooool

I remember I almost didn’t see them haha