Do you believe in life after death? If so, why?





I believe life isn’t the opposite of death. Birth is the opposite of death.

I believe life is eternal, but that our mortal bodies are not. I do believe in something beautiful after the death of our physical form and ego. 

Because of what I’ve seen and experienced in my life, because it’s a beautiful belief, and because I feel deep inside that that’s my truth.

(disclaimer: I am careful with saying “my truth” and not “The Fucking Absolute Truth You Better Believe Me”. I am not imposing my beliefs on anyone. I’m just answering this as sincerely as I can :)

”I do believe in something beautiful after the death of our physical form and ego.” And that would be what?

”Because of what I’ve seen and experienced in my life,…” That would be drug induced hallucinations, honey. What you saw wasn’t real, just your brain getting wrecked. You might want to stop that.

Your assumption about me taking drugs is both childish and very wrong, you might want to rethink about judging people and their beliefs so arrogantly. Allow people to have different views of life than you, it won’t hurt, I promise. 

If you don’t agree with me, then that’s totally fine. I can respect that. Just keep your spit to yourself, no one deserves to be diminished just because they have another life experience than you do. 


Point taken, sorry for being rude. You still haven’t answered my question. What would be that something, which happens after the death of our physical form and ego? Also, could you please tell what would be those experiences that led you to have such beliefs?

No worries, but thanks for apologizing :)

For your first question, I wouldn’t want to pretend like I know this sort of unknown. I don’t! I have ideas about death, beliefs that whatever it is, it is a beautiful and fulfilling experience that makes you feel complete and whole. But that’s just a vague feeling I have that I don’t mind not knowing more about. Some things just can’t be intellectualized (thank god).

I also couldn’t give you specific experiences. I feel like my whole life has lead up to those beliefs, not just one Holy Wow Moment that suddenly opened my eyes. It’s been slow, calm, with ups and downs, but in the end, my life experience taught me that this energy that makes me feel so alive cannot leave me, because it IS me. I can’t lose what I am, only what I have. And I have a physical body. In this way, the body dies, but the core of who we are lives eternally. 

Again, that’s just me and what I feel about life. It’s nice to know that people can feel differently about it :)


I want to start my own webcomic, but I don't know where to start. do I need specific materials to start one? Is there a specific way to start a webcomic or am I just over thinking it?
  • A comic can be made in many ways, and it’s entirely up to you to choose one of them. You can draw it all in digital with a graphic tablet, you can sketch, ink traditionally, then scan and color on the computer, you can do it all traditionally in pencil, all traditionally in colors, with brush, pencils, watercolor, inks, pens, etc etc.
  • Before starting anything, going through your story and characters is probably a good advice. You don’t have to know EVERYTHING that happens in the story, heck, I’ve made up GGaR most of the time as things went along, especially in the beginning. But knowing more or less where you’re going with the story is a good thing, so you don’t get caught by surprise with implausible/inconsistent story-line. 
  • Have fun thinking about your characters. What do they like to do in their free time? How do they interact with each other? What music would they have on their iPod? What do they believe in? What education did they have? You don’t have to answer everything immediately, but having a sense of who you’re writing about is just as important as knowing the plot.
  • Draw the characters front to back. Practice, be consistent with their profile, so readers aren’t confused between one or the other.
  • Do it.
  • Learn along the way. No comic is flawless, no artist is perfect. Learn from your mistakes and get constantly better.
  • Sit back and be proud of your work. It’s yours alone, unique to your experience and personality, it deserves your love.

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For the anon concerned about having an eating disorder, misspixnmixanswers is a really lovely, really helpful person who gives really great advice and is always happy to help people on the subject of eating disorders.

I’ve read a bit of her answers, and they seem very true and encouraging. Previous Anon! If you’d like, I’d recommend asking this person the same exact question you’ve asked me. She’ll know what to answer :)

So you speak German?
So you speak German ? : D

Oh no. I just learned German back in high school, but everyone knows how “good” you are with a language you’ve been taught in school for four years.

Can I ask why only two months? Most webcomics I can think of imply that the comic only focuses on noteworthy events in characters lives, and in between that life goes on. People go to school/work, meet with friends, sleep around, and whatever. The implication time is passing helps give the characters increased intimacy, without having to show it happen. So why not do it that way?

Because most of the first chapters need to stay close to the characters so we “get” them, and we’re introduced to what I want everyone to know about them. Roomie stayed at Aggie’s in the first chapter, and we discovered how she saw “love” and how she remained unattached to any lovers. (thus why the chapter is called “Meet Roomie!”)

Next day (and next chapter), after we’re introduced to Roomie and a general explanation of how she is and lives, we meet Lillian. Same thing, there needed to be a close following of both characters and how well (or “unwell”) their relationship kicked off. Then days followed, but quite slowly so Lillian’s -and Roomie’s- changes could be taken one small step at a time. In no way did I want it to be rushed. The characters *had* to take their time in interacting, realizing, and improving. 

It is only recently (for the last 2-3 chapters) where relationships are well enough stabalized and given light to, that I can now (finally) skip days, or even months if I want to, without the readers feeling like they missed something important. Trust me, it’s very nice knowing I can now do this, as it gives the creator much more freedom time-wise, and can even play on the fact that events have passed without readers necessarily knowing until a character brings it up. 

In conclusion, letting time pass is a good way of giving the characters “increased intimacy” without showing it, as you’ve said, but I couldn’t skip it with Roomie and Lillian. And I don’t think readers would’ve liked that either :)

Next GGaR update: TEN YEARS LATER…

I don't know, I'm still a little hooked on the idea of Lil' being something of a human shield. A person with many walls and layers that perhaps Roomie is slowly helping to take down. It's not that she's against sexuality, if she was against it she probably wouldn't stick around. I interpreted it more as detachment, and now possibly looking for that happy medium.

Another nice interpretation. I should just make a topic in the Roomie forum for this. 

>There yeh go! <

Have you ever wanted to be a penguin before?


(not really, no)

something happen and i need your advice: Yesterday a couple of friends and i were talking about Batman family and i said that i find Batwing very boring and my friends say that's very rude and kinda racist, it's just me or if you critic a comic where the main character is black that automatically makes you racist?

It shouldn’t.

have you seen the sneak peak for Adventure Time episode Bad Little Boy? I'm crushing sooo hard on marshall lee, and i usually prefer women!

Nope, I haven’t.

Hey Chloe, I just wanted to stop in and say that my current life circumstances have given me a new and welcome understanding of Roomie. I relate so painfully well to her. I don't want her to be with Lillian. I mean, I'm not saying that they're wrong together romantically, but that what's so important between them is their friendship. I feel like so few people value raw friendship these days. Sex is great, sure. Intimacy is awesome. But solid friendship is fucking golden.

I agree :)

You've seem to be a fan of DC heroes and villians (specially the Batman). But do you like anyone Marvel? Also Bat-Panties, Bat-Boxers or Bat-Thong?


And I enjoy reading some Marvel, but it’s really not that often.

To the anon with the cute teacher, use the following words: "I must be honest and tell you, I rather fancy you. Do you want to go get some drinks sometime?" (Drinks can be replaced with other suitable activity). To Chloé, people ask you these questions because they identify with you, respect you, and you're a happywonderfulunderstanding individual with whom they feel comfortable asking anything at all. Even if you can only respond "I don't know." :)

I know, and I’m super glad people think that, and are at ease with asking me any sorts of questions, I really am.

But I don’t feel like repeating myself anymore when it comes to relationship advice. Like I previously said, I can only offer the “respect and honesty” tip that I use for everyday situation. That’s it.

Hey, since apparntly you are all knowning and whatnot. I was wondering if you can help me. My Tai Chi teacher is REALLY CUTE! And I really like her, we always talk for 20minutes before and after the class. And we really get on well. I want to ask her out, but I have no idea how! Any advice?

B-b-b-b-but I’m NOT all-knowing!!!! Aaaaaaaaaah! Stop it! Stop seeking advice when I don’t know your situation, nor how you feel, nor how to ask ANYONE out as I’ve NEVER done so myself!!! D:

(ps: this is not against you, nor anyone else. This is a genuine “really, people, why ask me” question when I’ve tried to be clear about me NOT being an expert in relationships. The BEST I can give to ANYONE is the SAME thing:

Respect and honesty. Because that’s what works best for me in EVERY situation.

But really… I’m not.. I get why you’re asking me, but really..)

(pss: I’d totally be turned on by a cute Tai Chi teacher as well btw. So I can imagine how you feel.

But I just can’t know for you.)

(psss: I love you and good luck)