Tarzan by Glen Keane 

I will always be amazed how he made stylized big long chin with underbite into a handsome thing. (I know Bruce Timm did it with Batman, but this is long chin, it’s hard to make that handsome in an artwork)

Glen Keane is  a god.

queer disney girls au: hades promises meg her freedom if she brings him the girl with the magic hair, and rapunzel, unaware of meg’s true intentions, agrees to save meg’s “dying father” if she takes her to see the floating lights. what neither women had planned on, however, was falling for each other.

I just want to ship Megara with ALL disney girls. She’d make such a great women-lover.



It’s time to kick off this very crazy week of big announcements and hullabaloo!
And what better way to do that than with the following:


So…that Maleficent movie with Angelina Jolie with the neato Lana Del Ray trailers? I’m so blessed to announce that I’ve Illustrated the accompanying YA novelization “The Curse of Maleficent" that will be out in stores via Disney Press at the end of this month! (and available for pre-order on Amazon now! here!)

The cover has been unembargo’d and I thought you might like get a first look at one of the biggest things I’ve been working on in the last few months.
Truly a moment to thank God and give him the glory for turning these last 2 years around from devastation to triumph. God is good, guys- and this book was such a blessing.

Anyways, I’m pumped and I hope you will order and enjoy- there are 25 (ish) interior illustrations that I’ll be able to share some of with you guys as the month unfolds. For now: WOO! DISNEY!

OH MY I am not going to be able to resist this. 

I’m Chinese, so I wonder if non-Chinese understand





that in the Chinese version of Disney’s Mulan, the fake name she gives is “Ping”, but her family name “Fa” in English is “Hua” in Chinese, therefore her full name is “Hua Ping”, which is literally “Flower Vase”, and that’s why Shang is so bewildered because it’s a silly name.


but OP how could you not tell them the best part

“hua ping”/flower vase is chinese slang for “camp gay”



Happy National Women’s Day!
(A woman can preach, a woman can work, a woman can fight. A woman can build, can rule, can conquer, can destroy just as much as a man can.)
[sorry if your favorites are not included, I was going mainly for human women, or human-like women. So, no animals in this set. Also there is over 30 gifs. I couldn’t fit them all anyways.]




no, this wasn’t supposed to happen. i have an exam tomorrowwww [100% based on this]

ok goodnight

wow i would do all of them so hard

Uh oh. These are all way too hot.


I’ve fallen in love.

Lana Del Rey - Once Upon a Dream
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Lana Del Rey | “Once Upon A Dream”



"The first Disney Movie to tell girls they can fight too is Frozen!"


"Frozen is the first Disney Movie where the girl didn’t need a man to save her!! <3 "


"Frozen is the first Disney movie about loving sisters!"

"Frozen is the first Disney movie where the parents die!"

Sweet Poffin - Hellfire
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Sleeping Warrior AU: Aurora falls in love with Mulan and Ping, not realizing they are the same person.

Oh my god, how well is this thing done???? THIS IS ADORABLE.





New official “Frozen” trailer in HD!

You guys have to check this one out. Totally changed my mind on the movie…even that damn snowman character is starting to look lovable.

Wow… I’m a changed woman…

ok i’m impressed

The scenario really does look intriguing.


dear tumblr what do all of these characters have in common (besides all being disney characters obviously)

they were all designed by glen keane

so please stop saying glen keane only has one ‘style’ or he only draws the same thing over and over again

he doesn’t. he’s one of the most talented animators and character designers of our generation. please get your facts straight.

if you’re angry about the frozen girl looking like rapunzel, that’s legit! but probably not glen keane’s fault, unless he’s said something in interviews i’ve totally missed. but it’s important to note that glen keane has actually left disney, and probably because he wants to do his own thing without having to listen to their demands anymore. look at his past body of work, hugely varied and creative, compared with disney’s more recent, less creative attempts. it’s not hard to make a wild guess at why he’s left.

so stop blaming glen keane for disney’s creative blue balls.

Are people really saying that about my dear Art God Glen Keane? :c Well, I for one never doubted his genius and strokes. And I agree on the fact that he was probably asked to draw the same cute lady faces for Disney. In fact, he mentioned how close of a resemblance some were when designing Pocahontas, and that Pocahontas’ face design was quite the opposite from the usual “Disney faces”. He was aware of what was going on, most likely. 

But never doubt his genius and beautiful, oh so beautiful, strokes.

Disney Scenery -  Hercules pt. 2

Aaah, Hercules<3 One of my top favorite Disney. Damn it, I want to watch it for the 16th time now.





Costume Swap

Be your own prince.  To the extreme.  

Nnngh. <3



This post made me both really giddy and really upset that we probably will never see any crossdressing Disney heroines like these anytime soon.

aw yeah