I think perhaps re: the chubby debacle, there are soooooo many artists who seem to say "I drew a girl ten pounds overweight. I have fulfilled my body diversity quota," and never take it any further, which is frustrating for anyone larger looking for representation of their body type. NOT saying you're intending to do that, but the culture around you has set up that expectation. (And then there's also a lot of people who still think "chubby" and "fat" are automatically insults but they're wrong.)

I understand. 

That’s also why I mentioned in the artist comment that I was sorry I didn’t realize it sooner: that drawing diverse bodies and faces are way more fun than keeping everyone cute faced and idealized body types. I see that now. But I don’t regret the artistic experience I had to go through before figuring it out. Like many people I know, I drew mangas before anything, and you know how those manga characters usually look like! 

One other point I’d like to make, which is significant to me, is that I mostly draw from the surrounding I live in. It’s a simple truth: in Europe, there are statistically less fat people than, say, in the USA. And before anyone finds this offensive, it’s a simple fact, it’s not a judgement, and I do not use the term “fat” as anything negative. Society might do that, I don’t.

Meaning that my entourage is pretty much “average” size, in this country’s standards. Gulden does look chubby to me, and that’s fine. I was inspired to draw her because I’ve had a good friend like her. So when I draw her and call her chubby, like she herself says she is and is proud of it (as with “nympho”), I cannot feel the slightest guilty about it. She’s a friend I loved very much, and god knows the fun we’ve had together *ahem* and I wouldn’t change her, mentally or physically, for the world.

But I do understand that artists can bring in one character that is vaguely different than others and call it a day. Like you said, I never intended to do so, and only use my surrounding as inspiration because it’s solid credibility to take things from what you’ve seen yourself. 

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