*chile.. chili is that spicy pepper XD

Oh yeah… In French it’s Chili, so I mix it up :)

are you single? certainly not lonely though


Single or not, I never found myself too lonely. One doesn’t have to influence the other :) “single” is just too much of a definitive term now, as if “single” meant “lonely and sad”. Don’t let it become that. Be single and fucking happy about it! Live to the fullest and all.

Ever thought of coming to South America?

I think about going all over the place.

Oh and I AM going to South America start of next year to see some friends in Chile, so I might try going here and there to meetup fans :)

Originally I misread your username and thought you were "Battles Bo" and I assumed you were some kind of Viking warrior who fought a guy named Bo or something. Woo. Run-on sentence.

I know. People send me the exact same thing to me every week, upon realization that my username was not what they believed. 

I do like the viking warrior part though.

If I'm allowed to ask; Are you Flemish or Walloons? Also, i freaking love Go Get a Roomie, it's perfect in every way, please don't ever stop making it =w=

I’m French :) And live in the Walloons parts of Belgium. 

And thanks.

Excuse my ignorance, but why exactly are you an otter?

It began some while ago… when a good friend told me that if I was an animal, it would be the otter. I found it cute.

Then, I met another otter. Or rather, another girl who had that said to her as well. At that same moment, I found OTTER written in big letters next to us.

The otter fun kept on going. I was seeing the word “otter” everywhere. She played a divinatory game that told her that what she sees in an otter is what she’d like to see in a significant other.

We started calling each other otters, and thought one would be a river otter, while the other a sea otter, and it just became extra cute.

After a few weeks, we then found out that we were actually otters in the native american zodiac animals. Both of us. And that just confirmed it all.

So I started drawing otters… and she did too. 

We’re calling it “The Otter Concept”.


Xena sketches and picture via Sketch Dailies. I spent too much time coloring one of these haha orz. She’s too fun to draw, perhaps I’ll finish some of the others / do more if I have time.



Of course, Nadya Mira! Even though some drawings are still rough but there are so many interesting design choices!! Nadya is definitely one of the most inspiring character designer with fresh takes and distintive taste. Her way of joining shapes and elements are amazing. ANYWAY!! you guys should also check out more of her work. because it’s just great. 



Oh my god these designs.

My mom accepts gay people but she doesn't believe lesbians can be happy together… she believes gay men can have a normal long lasting relationship but not two gay women. I've had multiple discussions with her over this and it always results in the same "I've seen enough lesbian's relationship fail so I know this. And please, asexuals and pansexuals and bisexuals don't exist, that's just a fashion trend!". I just don't know what to do if I ever get together with a girl and have to tell her...

I don’t really get your mother either, but apparently she’s decided she won’t go further than her own beliefs. A shame for her!
Give her time, maybe she’ll see something for herself that will prove her wrong. Perhaps, if ever you have a relationship with a girl, you’ll be that proof that it’s possible for love to be anywhere and everywhere.

It still is weird to me to know that some people don’t get that love is without bounds. That’s the definition of love! Limitless!

TOMB RAIDER 2013: a summary
My mom and I got in a big fight last night about wether someone who is asexual can be in a romantic relationship with someone without having sex, what do you think?

1.) Fights only happen when two egos react to one another. Whatever you “fight” about, it probably regards something deeper than just a mere question about sexuality. “Discussing” something without anger or intolerance to the other’s opinion is allowing consciousness to flow into the topic. Doesn’t mean you have to agree with the person of course, just means you allow them to say what they feel about the subject without judging them about it. They’re entitled to have their beliefs, just like you do. (totally didn’t need to go into a spiritual rant there but felt like it, don’t mind me :) )

2.) Of course people can be in a romantic relationship without having sex. Love is limitless, and does not have to include sex to be perfectly happy.

It was Roomie that helped me realize I was polyamorous! Thank you!

Sweet! :)

Two otters sitting in a pond. 

Two otters sitting in a pond. 


Sometimes I do clay work for fun :)